NPPL-SLMG Training at Rufforth

  • Ab initio.

  • PPL- NPPL conversion- differences training only.

  • Glider pilots licence conversion (Bronze C with crosscountry endorsement) - minimum 10 hours plus passing of theory examinations.

  • NPPL revalidations.

We offer training in our ex-RAF Venture - an extremely strong and reliable machine that was used by the RAF to train Air Cadets to solo standard for many years. We are now fortunate enough to be able to offer all levels of training in this aeroplane.

The motor glider is ideal for trial flights because it is possible to launch into the air very quickly using the engine and then to switch it off and fly as a glider, enabling the sampling of both forms of aviation within the one flight. It is also possible to undertake a full pilot's licence training course on the Venture, and at Rufforth we are lucky enough to have the services of both a resident instructor and an examiner, which means that training is available at all times.

For those of you already in possession of a valid pilot's licence, a motor glider rating is only a few hours flying away. Bronze & Silver C glider pilots can convert to an NPPL-SLMG in as few as 10 hours and we also offer conversions to SLMG for microlight and gyrocopter pilots.

We are a friendly club, operating 7 days a week throughout the year, and the virtually unrestricted airspace that surrounds the aerodrome offers you the freedom to develop your flying skills without being hampered by extensive air traffic.

If you have ever thought about combining the autonomy of a light aircraft with the pleasure of soaring in a glider, then motorgliding is the answer. Whether novice or experienced, power or glider pilot, our motor gliders can offer you the flying experience you are looking for.

For further details of any of this training, contact the club or come and chat to our motor glider instructors.